#STAF17 Social Media Challenge

The aim of this GameBus challenge is to boost the social media coverage for #STAF17 and in particular its main events (ICGT, ICMT, TAP, ECMFA and TTC).

When (re-)Tweeting a Twitter message with as the first tag any of #ICGT17#ICMT17#TAP17#ECMFA17#TTC17 or #STAF17 , you will score one point. During the conference, we will keep all attendees and social media followers up-to-date about the leaderboard. Furthermore, we will reward the most active challenge participants according to the uptake of this challenge.

Challenge Rewards:

  • Honorary Mentioning on the Conference Website
  • Fancy Coffee Mugs

Challenge Duration:

  • Start: Monday July 17th, kicking of during the conference welcome reception
  • End: Friday July 21st, at the official conference end (18:00).

Tip: follow https://twitter.com/staf2017conf and score points by re-Tweeting the various messages about the keynotes and other talks!

Further down this page, we provide manuals in two flavors:

Manual for DIY Techies

In order to score points, you should:

  1. create an account in GameBus,
  2. join the GameBus team named “STAF17 Supporters”,
  3. connect your Twitter account via Settings>Apps,
  4. Tweet with any of #ICGT17#ICMT17#TAP17#ECMFA17#TTC17 or #STAF17  as the first hashtag of your messages, and finally
  5. monitor your progress via the leaderboard in the Challenges view of GameBus.

Via the GameBus Activities view, you can also find copies of your Twitter posts to double-check when that you are receiving points.

Alea iacta est!

Manual with step by step instructions

1. Create an account in GameBus

For the sake of simplicity, it is strongly encouraged to sign up with one of your social media accounts (Google or Facebook). We will then read your identity information to initialise your GameBus account automatically. You can then move to Step 2. Note that we will never post Google or Facebook messages on your behalf, unless you instruct us explicitly to do so.

In the following, we explain the more tedious process of creating a GameBus account from scratch. Select the option CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT then continue with SIGN UP. When creating a new account you have to fill in your fist name, last name, email address and create a password. You will receive a confirmation email in which you have to press the activiation link to activate your account.







After signing up, you can answer three questions to help us understand better which type of person you are. Finally, you can use the second button to join the STAF17 team (covered further in the next step).


2. Join the STAF17 Supporters Team

To join a team you have to go the Teams page in the app by selecting Teams in the main menu of the app.





Then, navigate to the tab FIND TEAMS. Then, enter STAF17 as the team to search for and press the magnification glass icon. When you have found the team named “STAF17 Supporters” team, please select the JOIN button at the right of it.








Finally, you can navigate back to your teams and access the overall GameBus menu. We recommend you to follow the leaderboard in the Challenges view. Your request to join the team for STAF17 should be approved within a few minutes.

3. Connect your Twitter account to GameBus

Please go to the GameBus section Settings>Apps, scroll down to the Twitter entry and then press Connect and Allow. You may also be prompted to authenticate and give authorization within Twitter too.




4. Create Twitter content

You can use the Twitter website or any compatible client to create messages related to STAF17.  If you use any of #ICGT17, #ICMT17, #TAP17, #ECMFA17, #TTC17 or #STAF17 as the first hashtag of your messages then you will automatically score points on the GameBus STAF17 challenge.

5. Check Your Progress

Monitor your progress via the leaderboard in the Challenges>Joined>Active view of GameBus. Via the Activities view, you can also find copies of your Twitter posts to double-check when that you are receiving points. Your participation to the challenge will be represented by an orange bar and the top three leaders will be represented by a green bullet at the left of their bar.

Alea iacta est!